Situated between Europe and Asia, the Republic of Moldova is home to over four million people. This small and charming European country gained its independence in 1991, became a UN member state in 1992 and an associate member of the EU in 2016.

Moldova’s citizenship-by-investment program (MCBI) entered into force on October 1, 2018. The MCBI program requires that applicants make a certain economic contribution to the development of the country through the State Investment Fund. In exchange for this contribution and under strict conditions of due diligence, including a detailed background check of applicants, investors and their families are offered citizenship.

Advantages of Moldovan citizenship

through contribution

It’s a European country, aiming for the EU

Moldova is a UN member state and a member of the OSCE, party to an agreement of association with the EU, and a future candidate for EU membership

The most accessible program for citizenship
by investment in Europe

Who could get Moldovan citizenship

through contribution


his/her spouse

underage children

adult children up
to the age of 29

parents older
than 55

Conditions for receiving Moldovan citizenship

through contribution

Investment amount

100.000 €

for the
applicant alone

115.000 €

for a couple

145.000 €

for families
of four

155.000 €

for families of
five or more

Additional fees

Government fees

  • 35.000 € - non-refundable fee (no
    restrictions on the number of family members)

Due Dilligence

  • 6.000 € - main applicant
  • 5.000 € - additional family members
    over 16 y.o.

Passport fees

  • 300 € - per applicant

Processing times and procedure

Application review:

up to 90 days

  • ID for all applicants
  • marriage certificate and birth certificates of any children
  • attestation that you have no criminal record
  • proof of origin of the invested funds

Through this procedure, the investor and members of his/her family
receive a certificate of Moldovan citizenship and a Moldovan passport

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