Old friends: Shiraz and Pécs become sister cities

Published at: 07/05/2016 03:10 pm

Old friends: Shiraz and Pécs become sister cities

Mayors of Iran’s Shiraz and Hungary’s Pécs have signed a sisterhood agreement. At a meeting with the mayor of Pécs Zsolt Páva, Mayor of Shiraz Alireza Pak Fetrat emphasized the cultural and historical similarities between the two cities saying: as the world’s oldest cities, Shiraz and Pécs date back to more than two thousand years ago indicating their rich culture.

Pointing out that numerous Iranians are studying medical sciences in Hungary reiterating: the two cities have the upper hand in terms of scientific and university centers in their respective regions. This can be also a very important factor in using the benefits of the Hungarian Residency Program.

Exchange of science and knowledge remains as one way of sharing culture, experience and strengthening comprehensive relations which requires serious consideration on the part of officials and managers, he added. Shiraz mayor further expressed hope that city diplomacy be a good complement to official and political diplomacy laying the groundwork for peace, stability and improvement of political-economic ties between the two states. Alireza Pak Fetrat later evaluated tourism as one of the most significant industries in the current century in addition to economic prosperity and job creation, tourism marks an important factor in cultural exchange and proximity bringing about global peace and understanding. The Iranian official later voiced willingness to attract Hungarian tourists as well as deployment of Iranian holidaymakers to the European country.

Mayor of Pécs Zsolt Páva, for his part, said that Iran-Hungary’s ties have always been friendly and based on mutual respect. The cities of Shiraz and Pécs enjoy cultural commonalities. At the end of the meeting, a sister city agreement was signed between Shiraz and Pécs which is based on expanding cooperation in fields of urban economy, science and technology, infrastructure, investment and trade, culture, art and sports. A Sister City agreement is formalized when two communities from different nations join together to develop a friendly and meaningful relationship. The two cities exchange people, ideas, culture, education, and technology. Citizens from both communities learn about each other’s culture and become directly involved in developing unique solutions to common problems. (photo: Wikimedia)


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