Hungarian firm offers new lactose-free dairy products

Published at: 06/06/2016 11:46 am

Hungarian firm offers new lactose-free dairy products Hard on the heels of Müller Dairies announcing an extension of doorstep milk delivery in the UK, a partnership between O-I, the world's leading glassmaker, and one of Hungary's leading dairy suppliers has opened up another new market for healthy, non-allergenic dairy products.         Cserpes Sajtmuhely (the correct Hungarian spelling is Cserpes Sajtműhely) has launched a range of lactose-free milk and yoghurts, filled exclusively in glass containers from O-I. Many Hungarians had grown up without the opportunity to taste milk in glass, and Istvan Cserpes, owner of Cserpes Sajtmuhely, claimed these new products were renewing a much-loved tradition. Everyone is interested in health nowadays and we are sure these new products will appeal both to older generations and to health-conscious consumers who are too young to remember a time when milk consumption from glass was part of daily life- he was quoted by The new milk is packed in O-I's 50 cl Bohus standard bottle and the yoghurt in 28 cl Siola jars. Both products are made at the Dubi plant in the Czech Republic.   Guido Robustelli, O-I Hungary's Sales Coordinator noted, that this is a result of a four-year partnership between O-I and the customer to develop the right pack and the right product to enthuse Hungarian consumers. The number of people suffering lactose allergies is increasing across Hungary, so consumers have been waiting for this for a long time. In addition, the health and environmental credentials of glass and the renewal of the tradition of milk in glass meet the nation's developing interest in authentic food and drink. Healthy food is a great advantage for those, who join the Hungarian Residency Bond Program. Environmental considerations play a large role in the initiative. Consumers can return the empty glass containers to Cserpes milk bars or shops and Cserpes will collect and return them to O-I for use as cullet. This provides a great opportunity to heighten awareness of the 100% recyclability of glass and improve waste management across the country.


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