The Mongolian Ambassador delivers his credentials to Hungary

Published at: 14/06/2016 11:11 am

The Mongolian Ambassador delivers his credentials to Hungary Newly appointed Mongolian Ambassador to Hungary Zeneemyadar Batbayar presented his credentials to Hungarian President János Áder. Following the ceremony, the sides shared their views on the upgrade of the biocombinat nearby Ulan Bator and cooperation in education and water sector management.       Batbayar noted that Mongolia and Hungary have opportunities to cooperate in the area of climate change. The sides discussed further deepening of economic relations too. Following a meeting with his Mongolian counterparts in 2016 january in Ulan Bator, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Hungary and Mongolia are both successful and the governments of the two countries both have an interest in joint successes.The Prime Minister of Hungary was on a three-day official visit to Mongolia.He was received at the Government Palace by Mongolian Prime Minister Chimediin Saikhanbileg.   At the press conference following the meeting, Prime Minister Orbán stressed: In recent years Mongolia has achieved great development and the performance of the Hungarian economy is also outsanding in a European context, and so the question arises of whether both countries will be successful independently, or will also achieve joint successes. It would seem that the Mongolian government also has an interest in joint successes. We have now returned here, the Prime Minister continued, explaining that the Hungarian economy had experienced a difficult period, during which the Hungarian Embassy in Ulan Bator had to be closed, but that we have now fought our way out of that difficult situation and have re-opened the embassy. The reopening of the Hungarian Embassy in Ulan Bator signs the beginning of a new era, offering new opportunities for those, who want to join the Hungarian Residency Bond Program.   The Prime Minister welcomed the agreements concluded prior to the press conference, especially citing the fact that Eximbank has provided a credit line of 25 million US Dollars for the modernization of the Songino Biocombinat factory. In addition, Mr. Orbán also feels there may be an opportunity for Hungary to provide assistance to Mongolia in exploiting export opportunities for its animal husbandry products. (photo:AKIpress)


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