Vanuatu citizenship and taxes 2020

Published at: 07/02/2020 10:43 am

Vanuatu citizenship and taxes 2020

Vanuatu offers the most affordable and the fastest citizenship by investment program in 2020 and attracts investors with its favourable taxation as well.

Taxes in Vanuatu

Citizens of Vanuatu, of course, do not have to pay their taxes in their home country which is a paradise island on the Pacific Ocean if they don't live there. Tax residency and citizenship are usually different issues. However it is always good to know about the state burdens of the country which issues your passport. 

In Vanuatu, personal taxation is not a too difficult task for a simple taxpayer as there is no personal income tax. 

Vanuatu has the following taxes related to the local tax residents:

- Import duties (at varying rates)
- The VAT has two rates 0% and 12,5% (the VAT system was modelled on New Zealand's GST regime)
- Tax on rental income is 12,5% in the half-year period on rental income over Vatu 200,000
- Stamp duty: on property transactions, share transfers, up to 1%, minimum Vatu 2,500

Additional state burdens and fees in Vanuatu

Acquisition of land:

- 2% of the unimproved capital value as a registration fee
- 5 % of the unimproved capital value as stamp duty

Employers and employees contribute 6% of the salaries to a superannuation scheme, usually the Vanuatu National Provident fund. 

How to get a Vanuatu passport?

The necessary donation for the citizenship of Vanuatu is only USD 80,000 for the primary applicant. For a family of four members the donation is USD 130,000. The process to obtain the passports of Vanuatu is one of the fastest in the world, from the first contact two months may be enough to successfully finish the naturalisation process and receive the certificate of the citizenship. 

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