A second passport can save your family's life during the coronavirus crisis

Published at: 26/03/2020 09:51 am

A second passport can save your family's life during the coronavirus crisis

We hope that you and your family will not be affected by the virus, and wish your loved ones to be healthy and secure. However, the condition of the national healthcare systems play a crucial role when the outbreak starts in your area, life and death depends on the preparedness and equipment of the hospitals.

Don't you think that an insurance for the next occasion would be advantageous?

Assess your real situation

Let's see your case now through a practical example: Does your passport allow you to travel? Can you reach any other country, where the best healthcare system is guaranteed to you and your family? Can you enter any country, where you can wait until the turmoil caused by the disease will be over?

A couple of weeks ago nobody thought that your country of residence can't provide the necessary healthcare for your family. Unfortunately this worst-case scenario became a reality for billions of people. Hospitals are full and there is no capacity to cure all the patients. The borders are closed and you are stuck in a crisis. What can you do?

The answer is simple. Invest in second citizenship.

Second citizenships are one of the the most useful things during any kind of crisis. Pandemics are not new (think about the recent Ebola, SARS and Bird flu outbreaks). In a way these are similar situations to those seen when wars break out - you have to get out and bring your family to safety as soon as possible.

Islands as safe havens

Luxury islands in remote locations or Cyprus and Malta in Europe can guarantee that infectious diseases stay outside. You can obtain the right to live on a beautiful island with the best hospitals until the epidemic is over. The Caribbean programs and Vanuatu are the best choices as you can obtain these citizenships from home, without travelling anywhere.

The time-frame to receive your new passport varies, for example in Vanuatu the whole process lasts only 2 months. You only need to obtain the necessary documents, and we are ready to prepare your application!

Our colleagues at Discus Holdings Ltd are experts of immigration processes during various types of crises situations. Our mission is to help you to secure your future and the life of your family members. Don't hesitate to contact us and ask for our support to be able to keep your freedom of travel and your right to reach the best healthcare solutions.


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