Which passport or residence permit can save you from the Covid-19 and other diseases?

Published at: 16/04/2020 04:39 pm

Which passport or residence permit can save you from the Covid-19 and other diseases?

It is crucial for you and your family to get the best healthcare services available. If your original country of residence is not capable of providing the best treatment, it is the time to search for a better citizenship or residence permit.

Don't forget it's your human right to save you and the people whom you love. 

The Legatum Prosperity Index 2019 compares most of the countries by their healthcare system as well. However, except Malta and Cyprus, classical citizenship by investment jurisdictions are missing from the list. But the two EU Member State countries with passport schemes are among the bests. 

A sound working healthcare system "requires a steady financing mechanism, a properly-trained and adequately-paid workforce, well-maintained facilities, and access to reliable information to base decisions on."

So, when the first wave of the current coronavirus pandemic is over, the countries with the best health care system can open their borders first, and their citizens will receive the best treatment for sure, according to the historical experiences. If you have a passport of Malta or Cyprus or the residence permit of another EU country, you can enter the European Union and receive the right service from your local hospital and medic. 

Let's find the countries which own the best healthcare systems and they also have citizenship or residency by investment programs:

- Switzerland 3.
- Netherlands 9.
- Austria 10.
- Spain 13.
- Malta 14.
- Cyprus 29.
- Greece 33.
- Panama 45.
- UAE 47.
- Montenegro 91.

(Legatum's list contains neither the Caribbean countries with citizenship by investment programs nor Vanuatu)

You can see that Spain is currently hit heavily by the Covid-19 virus. Still, it's highly developed hospitals, and professional medics guarantee that after the first hit, the healthcare system will save the population. 

How can you assure your family's good health through citizenship by investment program?

Practically, it would be best if you reached a good hospital. Can you do that in Nigeria, Brazil, China, India or Pakistan? Even if you have the best family insurance plan, is your hospital prepared for a pandemic like a coronavirus? (or dengue, malaria, ebola, yellow fever). If the answer is no, then you need a back-up plan to guarantee your treatment. 

Travel of freedom, low taxes, good education and excellent healthcare were always the most crucial reasons to invest in a citizenship or residence permit. Nothing changed, and we have the experience and the official agent status to support your objectives. Contact us here to set up a consultation!


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