Dominica enforced family reunification under the citizenship by investment program

Published at: 25/06/2020 12:00 pm

Dominica enforced family reunification under the citizenship by investment program

Dominica followed the example of Antigua and St Lucia and announced changes to the Citizenship by Investment Programme. From now, the program includes more types of dependants if a family applies jointly. It means that siblings, parents, grandparents, new spouses and children are considered as family members during the application for Dominican citizenship.


Until the principal applicant can demonstrate that support the children aged 16 to 30 and grandparents, they can jointly apply as well for the citizenship of Dominica. Meanwhile, unmarried and childless adult siblings qualify as well. Interestingly, if the Dominican citizen marries or will have children after becoming a citizen, the new children and spouse also qualify for the naturalisation. It means that this new family reunion option lasts for generations. 

However, it is essential to note that the primary applicant must go through a new due diligence process if the family members apply for citizenship after more than a year of the original application, according to the citizenship unit


The citizenship by investment program of Dominica is one of the best naturalisation and second passport solutions since 1993. The excellent passport allows its holders to enter 137 countries visa-free, and there are no residency requirements or income taxes. The applicants for Dominican citizenship can obtain the certificate of naturalisation and the passports without personally visiting the country, and the time frame of the immigration process is only three months. 


The two options of investing for Dominican citizenship are contribution or real estate purchase. 

  • The amount of contribution for a single applicant is 100,000 USD. A family of four members contributes 200,000 USD, and additional dependents must pay 25,000 USD each.
  • Through the real estate purchase option, the minimum amount of investment is 200,000 USD, and the new citizen must maintain the investment for three years. 

Do you want to become a citizen of Dominica from your home without a personal visit? Ask for consultation here and read our detailed information about the naturalisation process!



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