What is St Kitts and Nevis' Alternative Investment Option (AIO)?

Published at: 29/04/2022 11:55 am

What is St Kitts and Nevis' Alternative Investment Option (AIO)?

The government launched a third investment type in exchange for citizenship: Contribution, real estate investment and the new "Alternative Investment Option" (AIO) qualifies for the valuable passports. 


St Kitts and Nevis introduced the first official citizenship by investment program in 1984. Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the specialist agents of the citizenship program with decades of experience. 


Until now, St Kitts and Nevis citizenship through investment program offered two investment forms:


  1. Donation of US$150,000 to the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF)
  2. Real Estate Investment minimum of US$200,000


What is the Alternative Investment Option of St Kitts in Nevis?


The Kittian government introduced a new, third investment option to be able to invest capital without more debt or existing limits. The objective is to finance projects, not on the government's infrastructure list. Moreover, under the Public Good Project Developer" option, the investor or investors complete the project and have a reasonable return on investment. Later, the investor turns over the project to the government in "maintained condition". Meanwhile, the projects on the infrastructure list are more available, and the stakeholders can advertise the shortlisted schemes. 


The AIO will have two categories, according to the official site of St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Unit:


  1. Public Good Project Developer (PGPD), where the State will receive the ownership after the end of the agreement. The minimum (upfront paid) investment amount is US$175,000, and the additional fees follow the real estate option.
  2. Private Enterprise Developer (PED) where the project and its assets will continue as personal property. In this case, the minimum amount of investment is US$200,000. The additional fees also follow the real estate investment option costs. 


You can find the detailed explanation of the real estate option here.


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