You still have time to apply for the Montenegro Citizenship through Investment in 2022!

Published at: 24/05/2022 10:50 am

You still have time to apply for the Montenegro Citizenship through Investment in 2022!

Montenegro may end its citizenship by investment program in 2022 because of the pressure from the EU. You still have time to apply but hurry up!


Montenegro provides the last European direct citizenship by investment program. As the country intends to join the European Union, the future of its passport in exchange for investment is questionable. The previous governments decided to close the program several times. Still, the beautiful holiday destination always needs foreign investment to develop the tourism sector.


However, according to the BalkanInsights, Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic said in Brussels that the citizenship program for investors would end on December 31 2022.  


"The government understands the negative comments of the European Commission when it comes to the program of economic citizenship. It is clear that the problem will be solved on December 31, when the program will be terminated," said the Prime Minister. The government, elected in 2021, announced previously that the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program closes in 2021. However, the legislators extended the investors' immigration scheme until the end of 2022. 


Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the only three official agents of the Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment Program. You can read here all the detailed information about the program!


Montenegro offers now the most affordable citizenship program in Europe for investors. As the country joins the EU, the Montenegrin citizenship will allow its holders to enjoy a member state's advantages. You can travel, stay or settle in the entire Schengen zone. Don't forget that your family can obtain citizenship with you if you wish so. Meanwhile, you do not have to live or reside in Montenegro. Start any business in the EU. You will also quickly understand how important is that Montenegro doesn't levy tax on foreign-sourced income.


How can I get Montenegro citizenship?


The first step is to contact us as official agents. We will guide you through the process so that your citizenship will be granted before the program ends. The usual time frame of the entire naturalisation process is only three months, through an official agent as Discus Holdings Ltd.


Please, do not hesitate if you want to become a European citizen. It looks like the doors of the EU are closing for wealthy investors. It is time to obtain an Eurpean passport before the processes become significantly more difficult!



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