Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia: the new Asian residency visas

Published at: 21/10/2022 11:46 am

Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia: the new Asian residency visas

Asia is the home of visa runs; it was always challenging to get a residency and stay in paradise countries loved by tourists, such as Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia. Now, these countries are open to investor immigration because all nations need money from wealthy investors, entrepreneurs and location-independent freelancers. 


Thailand LTR - Long Term Residency


Who can apply for the Thailand LTR?

  • High-income foreign individuals
  • Retirees
  • Applicants intending to work remotely from Thailand
  • Professionals with "special" skills

The successful residents can bring their families with up to four members. Perhaps the LTR is more attractive for digital nomads, who can work as visa holders from Thailand for ten years. Investors and "high-earners" must prove health insurance, at least $80,000 annual income, and a minimum of one million USD in assets. Another requirement is to invest at least half a million American dollars in Thai government bonds, Thai property or foreign direct investment of the state.

Digital nomads must also prove that their income was more than $80,000 during the last two years. This structure does not lead to permanent resident status or citizenship. 


Philippines SRV - Special Investors Resident Visa


The Philippines offers permanent residency in exchange for an investment of $75,000 in businesses or securities. Interestingly, the scheme is flexible because family members can join without additional registration fees. This residency by investment program will be one of the winners of the international market! Because of the low amount of necessary investment and the obtainable permanent resident status, and can lead to citizenship. 


Malaysia PViP - Premium Visa Program


Malaysia's new PViP (Premium Visa Program) attracts investors with residence permits valid for twenty years in exchange for a deposit of $220,000. The resident must also prove a monthly income of $8,600. This program allows the visa holder to work, study or invest. 


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