New UAE visas are in force from 3 October

Published at: 27/10/2022 11:54 am

New UAE visas are in force from 3 October

Green Visa, Job Exploration Visa, Golden Visa and faster residency renewal process attract foreign investors and professionals to the United Arab Emirates.


The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) announced that the new Advanced Visa System is ready to launch. 


What is UAE Green Visa?


The UAE Green Visa is a renewable "Green Residence Visa" issued for five years. The objective is to let the resident be their sponsor, so no UAE employer's participation is needed to apply for the resident status. Moreover, there is a grace period of six months to stay in the country after expiry. 


The Green Visa allows the principal applicant to get the resident status quickly to family members. 

Three categories of self-sponsored applicants can enjoy the benefits of the UAE GreenVisa:

  1. freelancers/self-employed people
  2. skilled employees
  3. investors or partners. 


What is UAE Job Exploration Visa?


This visa allows investors and professionals to stay in the United Arab Emirates and look for a job or investment. Please, note that the applicants do not need a sponsor from the Emirates!


What is UAE Golden Visa?


Golden Visa is another expression of residency by investment. The Advanced Visa System attracts investors with such new advantages as there are no more time limits for the visa holder to stay outside the country. Another new incentive is no longer limiting the number of domestic labourers. Family members can live in the UAE until their visa expires, even if the golden resident (the principal applicant) dies.

The United Arab Emirates' residency by investment is a complex option for different types of applicants. Investors and entrepreneurs will need one to two million AED for various projects. Meanwhile, exceptional talents and scientists or professionals do not need money to start, so they do not really fit in the residency by investment category. 


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