Not only rich people invest in residency or citizenship

Published at: 02/12/2022 01:03 pm

Not only rich people invest in residency or citizenship

The market of citizenship and residency by investment projects attracted only wealthy people for decades. Still, you do not have to be a High Net Worth Individual to get a new passport or residence permit.

Of course, wealth means different amounts in different countries. But there is an exciting issue that you should examine before deciding that you are poor to invest in exchange for a new country.

Most of the residency or citizenship by investment programs offer real estate options. You buy a residential property and receive a residency permit or citizenship. Sometimes you invest in exchange for the right to live in the country, and later you can change your status to citizenship. Sometimes, real estate comes with naturalisation straight away, without waiting more than 2-3 months.

Suppose the required (qualified or not qualified) real estate's cost is close to the market price. In that case, you must spend a regular amount as everybody else. And in this case, the expected investment amount is the same as any other resident or citizen must pay to buy a flat or house. So, we can't consider the act of purchasing a typical home as a luxury only for the rich.
On the other hand, different citizenship by investment programs usually include donation options. These are regularly more affordable than real estate investments.

If you wish to live in another country, then you need money to do that. You are not poor if you have money to live in your chosen country. However, if you do not have enough money to live in the country, then what do you want to do there? How will you survive?

We understand if your sources are limited. But please, do a little math and compare the cost of living of your recent home and the country where you wish to settle. The World is more globalised than you think. Prices are almost the same everywhere or getting closer to the other. You are not poor when citizenship or residency costs the same amount as the new car you wish to buy.

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