Who should consider Vanuatu's CBI Program and why?

Published at: 05/12/2022 01:59 pm

Who should consider Vanuatu's CBI Program and why?
Laszlo Kiss, managing director of Discus Holdings Ltd. was interviewed by UGlobal about Vanuatu's CBI Program: for whom can it be advantageous
Even though the EU Council decided to suspend its visa waiver with Vanuatu’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program, there are other worthwhile benefits of getting a passport to the South Pacific Ocean nation, says Laszlo Kiss, the owner of Discus Holdings Ltd. Laszlo was interviewed on November 30, 2022, by UGlobal, one of the largest international portals of investment migration. Please find the link to the article here.
Laszlo explains the impact of the EU Council’s decision and discusses how the recent change in government could affect investment immigration policies and what needs to be done soon to improve the country’s CBI program. You can hear the podcast in full below. 

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