Which is the most valuable citizenship program closing soon?

Published at: 09/12/2022 01:04 pm

Which is the most valuable citizenship program closing soon?

Montenegro closes its citizenship program, but you still have time to get the most affordable European citizenship until the end of 2022!

Discus Holdings is one of the only three official agents of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program. Hurry up, you still have time to apply in 2022!

Montenegro will join the European Union soon. Meanwhile, the Europan legislators hate citizenship and residency by investment programs, forcing the member states and those countries close to completing accession negotiations to suspend and erase their programs where investors can receive valuable EU passports fast.

How much is the investment in exchange for the citizenship of Montenegro?

The necessary investment for the Montenegrin passport is significantly cheaper than the previous Cypriot, Maltese or Austrian passport solutions.

There is a contribution of 200,000 euros to the government, and you can invest 250,000 or 450,000 euros in qualifying tourism-related projects. The amount depends on the location of the projects, which can be at the seaside or in the hilly winter sports centres.

Why become a citizen of Montenegro and start your application before the program closes?

·   Montenegro joins the EU soon, but its passport already allows you to enter the Schengen area and the rest of the EU countries visa-free, and many more countries including Russia, Turkey, etc.

·   Not only the investor and the spouse but also those children can become citizens who are financially dependent without age restrictions.

·   You do not have to live in Montenegro, and dual or multiple citzenship is allowed.

·   Montenegro has a territorial tax system. It means that only income from Montenegro is taxable. And there are no gift, inheritance taxes or other burdens on life and property insurance payments.


Don't hesitate to apply for the citizenship of Montenegro. Discus Holding's local experts are waiting for your call. You still have time if you act fast! You can read here more about the Montenegrin passport program.




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