Faster and cheaper citizenship in Saint Kitts and Nevis until June 2023

Published at: 17/01/2023 01:02 pm

Faster and cheaper citizenship in Saint Kitts and Nevis until June 2023

The citizenship by investment program of Saint Kitts and Nevis changed in 2023. Let's examine the lower costs, faster timelines and new qualifying investments.


First of all, the necessary investment amount is decreased for a limited time until June 2023 under the contribution option:


One applicant: 125,000 USD

Principal applicant and spouse: 150,000 USD

Principal applicant, spouse and two dependants: 170,000 USD

Additional fees for each dependant applicant under 18 years is 10,000 USD, and the other adult dependant applicants should pay 25,000 USD per person. 


The investment amount in exchange for the citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis under the contribution option will increase from 1 June 2023.


Principal applicant: 150,000 USD

The principal applicant and a spouse: 175,000 USD

Principal applicant, spouse and two dependants: 195,000 USD

Each additional dependant under 18 years of age: 10,000 USD

Each other dependant over 18 years of age is 25,000 USD. 


Another significant advantage of this "limited-time offer" is that under the same contribution option to the sustainable growth fund, the applicants can become citizens of Saint Kitts in only two months (60 days). After June 2023, the necessary number of days to pass the naturalisation process will increase to 90 days (three months). 


The third important update of St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program is the "PGIO" (Public Good Investment Option) introduction. This new investment form will replace the "AIO" (Alternative Investment Option). It means that the government and the Citizenship by Investment Unit will focus on "real transformation" by investing money in essential areas to benefit the citizens. Under the PGIO, the investors must assume all the financial risks of the projects, and if they act in the real estate development field, they must transfer the real estate to the State upon substantial completion. Moreover, the investors must apply to the board of governors of the program to become a "Public Good Investor". The necessary amount of contribution is 175,000 USD.


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