Why hurry if you want Greek residency by investment?

Published at: 25/01/2023 01:06 pm

Why hurry if you want Greek residency by investment?

The Greek government will double the minimum amount of real estate investment from 250,000 euros to half a million euros in 2023. Hurry up, you still have time to apply under the lower amount!


Why should you choose the Greece Golden Visa?

  • ·   You and your family can travel, stay, and do business visa-free in the European Schengen zone.
  • ·   Not only the investor but the spouse, underage children and even the parents can become permanent residents in Greece.
  • ·   There is no requirement to stay in Greece. Moreover, you can rent your property and have additional profit.
  • ·   Education, health care and security are excellent in Greece; you can enjoy Europe's incomparable quality of life.

There are also other options under the Greek Golden Visa Programme:

  • ·   Two years for dependents
  • ·   One year for entrepreneurs
  • ·   Ten years residency for strategically important investments
  • ·   Two years for top managers.


What are the conditions for permanent residency in Greece in exchange for an investment? 

  •   You must purchase (as a sole investor or a legal person) real estate for at least 250,000 euros. You can also sign a contract that you intend to buy the property with a realtor or an attorney.
  •    Sign a lease contract for a minimum of 15 years for a property for tourism-related purposes.

The Golden Visa of Greece allows the investor and their family to receive a renewable five-year permanent residence permit.


What are the exceptional advantages of the Greek Golden Visa's real estate purchase option? 

The investment amount calculation is based on the total value of the purchased real estate. It means you do not have to buy one real estate; you can purchase several properties. In this case, the price can be more reasonable.

The estimated value of the real estate may be higher than the market price. It means that the authorities calculate the investment amount of the estimated value, which can be significantly higher than the market value of your property. Practically, you can buy a property for only 150,000 euros if the estimated value of the real estate is a minimum of 250,000 euros.

As there is no physical presence requirement under the residency by investment program, you can renew your permits after five years without living in Greece. This issue allows you to rent your property and receive additional European income.

As a permanent resident, you do not have to become a tax resident in Greece and can pay your taxes elsewhere. In this case, the single tax you must bear in Greece is the property tax, which is around 300 euros per year for real estate valued at 250,000 euros.

Discus Holdings Ltd has supported applicants for the Greek Golden Visa since the scheme's introduction in 2013. Click here for detailed information and hurry up to become a resident of Greece under the lower amount! 



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