How can you avoid ETIAS when travelling to Europe?

Published at: 28/08/2023 09:02 am

How can you avoid ETIAS when travelling to Europe?

From 2024, 1,4 billion citizens of 60 visa-exempted countries will need electronic travel authorisation to enter 30 European countries.

ETIAS means European Travel Information and Authorisation System. Before visiting Europe, the travellers must fill out a form online on the official website or mobile application; the entry permit will cost 7 euros.

The ETIAS is valid for three years. You will also need a new travel authorisation if you need a new passport.

What is the advantage of ETIAS?

It allows you to enter Europe as often as you want for short terms for 90 or even 180 days.

What are the cons of ETIAS?

  • First, obtaining the ETIAS and paying the fee does not mean the border guard will not turn you back upon arrival.
  • On the other hand, it is only an additional red tape layer because only the citizens of the 60 visa-exempted countries accepted by the EU can have the ETIAS. And until now, they did not need anything like that.
  • Another disadvantage is that the bureaucrats of the European Union promised that the procession time, in most cases, would take only minutes. It means some processes can take who knows how much time and why.
  • You must always hold that passport which is connected to the ETIAS. New or another passport means that you must apply for a new ETIAS.

How can you avoid ETIAS?

If you need an entry visa or ETIAS and you need to spend time in the European Union or must have a business presence, you should obtain an EU residency permit. Several countries of the European Union offer residency by investment or residence for entrepreneurs programs and schemes.

Contact us to discuss and find the best solution for you to become a resident of a member state of the European Union.


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