What is the easiest country to get citizenship by investment?

Published at: 16/10/2023 08:45 am

What is the easiest country to get citizenship by investment?

The fastest and cheapest easy citizenship by investment program host countries are Vanuatu, Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia and Grenada. 

Vanuatu and the Caribbean countries have faster processes than Turkey or Egypt, and they can allow more affordable amounts of donations or investments to grant citizenship. Meanwhile, the European Union does not allow the member states to launch accessible residency programs and banned citizenship by investment solutions. It means you can obtain the right to live in the Schengen zone, stay in other countries and do business. However, according to the sovereign states' legislation, you must wait three to eight years to qualify for naturalisation.

Suppose you wish to become a resident later citizen of a European country. In that case, you can browse the best residency to citizenship programs of Cyprus, Malta, Austria, Hungary, Monaco, the UK, or Portugal offered by Discus Holdings Ltd.

What is easy citizenship through investment?

The most important characteristics are the accessible costs, fees and the short processing times.

Vanuatu's citizenship program is available for a donation of only 130,000 USD for a single applicant; meanwhile, a family of four must contribute 180,000 US dollars. Moreover, the naturalisation process can be as fast as 7-9 weeks.

Dominica's contribution option is even more affordable. The minimum donation is only 100,000 USD, but obtaining the passports is one month longer than in Vanuatu. Antigua and Barbuda asks for at least 130,000 USD, and the naturalisation process takes five months. In Grenada, the contribution amount is 150,000 USD, but you can use your new passport after only three months. Moreover, this Caribbean country allows you to invest in real estate in exchange for the new citizenship for only 220,000 USD. Saint Kitts and Nevis doubled the contribution and investment amounts to keep the right of visa-free entry for its citizens, and the processing time remained at four months. Lastly, Saint Lucia's fee is accessible (only 100,000 USD for a single applicant), but the processing time is five months.


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